Saturday, January 9, 2010


The colors are listed by groups: Neutrals, Pinks/Purples, Bolds and Brights.  They are listed in the same order on your order sheet to avoid confusion.


Cloud                          Midnight
Pure white                                     The blackest black

Anonomous                              Gunmetal

Heather Gray                                               Deep Charcoal Gray

Bavarian Cream                         Antique
A beautiful, soft off white                            The perfect Neutral

Highland Ridge                    Nutmeg
 A classic taupe                                                            

A deep chocolate brown

Pinks & Purples

My Fair Lady                   Bridesmaid
A soft and feminine light pink                    The perfect pink for any girl

Stolen Kiss                      Hibiscus
This pink will bring back memories           A deep, sunset pink
of the flush you got from your first kiss                                      

Lipstick                              Popular    
If only we could find this lipstick shade              Because all the popular girls love hot pink

Blackberry                               Odyssey
Looks good enough to eat                                     A dusty lavender

A deep, rich purple

Bold Colors

Cranberry                             Paprika
A true red                                                  Looks just paprika

Autumn                  Curry
A beautiful Fall orange               Did anyone bring the ketchup to go with
                                                 this mustard yellow?

Moss                             Scottish Isle
A light golden, olive green                           A dark olive green

Cumulonimbus                  Queen's Navy
A gray blue remnicint of a                               A rich royal blue
thunderstorm sky                                                          


Bright Colors

Popsicle                          Canteloupe
"I just ate a cherry pop" lip color               A bright orangy-melon

Sunglasses                       Sweet Pea
Bright, sunny yellow                             A light guacamole green

Midori                          Envy
A bright grass green                        A deep elly green

Andes                              Tiffany & Co.
All you'll need with this                           Every girl's favorite color
mint green is chocolate                                                                 

Freshwater                       Neptune
A bright Caribbean blue                          A soft periwinkle blue